Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver was excited to release news regarding a training project his officers have been approved to participate in.

“We were recently notified by the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation that our department has been approved for the Missouri Law Enforcement OnLine Training Project. This grant will allow our officers to receive the mandated training required by the State of Missouri. We were already participating in the on-line training and paying the full cost so this grant will allow our officers to take the online training free of charge for one year. The grant is for $2,240.00,” Welliver stated.

Welliver stated the State of Missouri P.O.S.T. Commission changed the training requirements in 2017.

“All full-time and reserve officers are mandated to take 24-hours of training per year. This training requires officer to complete training in predetermined curricula. The on-line training can be done while on shift which allows the department to save the expense of travel and time off to send employees to be trained,” he stated. “Our department also provides in-service training in several areas which has been approved by P.O.S.T. This also allows us to train our officers at home saving travel expenses. By utilizing the on-line training for the mandated curricula, it also allows our department to spend our training funds for advanced training in areas such as crime scene investigation, criminal investigation, report writing, DWI investigations, impaired driving investigations, first line supervision, management development, executive development, and command college to name a few. Our department is committed to training our officers so they are ready for advancement within the department when the opportunity occurs.”