During Fire Prevention Week, the Boonville Fire Department has been showing young students the importance of being prepared and correct ways when dealing with a fire or the devastation that comes with it.

Each year, the BFD, urges children to make it a priority when dealing with a fire by having an escape plan and knowing what to do in these circumstances. Getting the message out has been a priority for the BFD, especially to the town’s pre-schoolers.

“We showed the students the fire safety trailer and demonstrated rescue tools,” Boonville Fire Chief Tim Carmichael said.

During a stop at David Barton on Friday, the BFD demonstrated rescue tools that are used to free individuals in car accidents and other scenarios. Students also got to practice escaping from a fire in the portable safety trailer that is used for learning purposes by the BFD.

“We taught them how to get low to the ground and to safely escape,” Carmichael said.

Students had to navigate a smoke-filled environment with smoke created by a fog machine.

The BFD is continuing the mission to teach students out of the city as well this week.