BOONVILLE – The Directors of the Municipal Facilities Authority of the City of Boonville discussed new housing development during their July meeting. They discussed strategy and what other communities were doing to increase housing.

“We all love living in Boonville, why not share that feeling with others. We recognize there is a lack of new housing starts and a very low inventory of medium priced homes in the community. Perhaps it is not within the IDA's 'scope of Work,” President Ken Hirlinger stated at the meeting.

According to minutes, Hirlinger feels it would make sense for the IDA to organize a meeting inviting all the real estate/housing players to discuss incentives/ideas to see if anything can be done to change the housing picture in Boonville.

Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher stated that is why Hail Ridge was annexed. However, development is not going to happen just by annexing more land. She went on to say that the city is very interested in working toward any renewed housing development projects.

Boonville Economic Developer Jim Gann mentioned that Ashland plans to add 100 houses this year. Also, Columbia's building codes are changing, which could increase the cost of a new home in Columbia by as much as $10,000.

Attendees also asked what are the factors restraining housing development?

“People want to move to Boonville, but there is no place to build in the city. The MFA has taken an active role in this area with the Lake Farrell project,” according to the minutes.

The board decided that the IDA (Industry Development Authority) needs to organize a meeting inviting anyone that has a vested interest in the housing market to see if there is something that can be done.