Up and coming Hannah Cole first graders are getting hands on training with robots. What some would call a toy, experts are calling learning opportunities.

Robotic Gyro Spheres were used as the primary devices for teaching on Friday at the primary school. While part of a summer school program, soon-to-be first graders, were quite intrigued by the demonstration. Once they were shown how to use the tiny robotic spheres they were free to take them out for a test drive. Furthermore, the students also spent the time learning about engineering.

“Hannah Cole students have been architectural engineers at MakerSpace Camp this week. First, second and third graders have learned about the engineering and design process needed to create suspension, beam, and deep beam bridges.  In addition to utilizing their creative minds, they have also been strengthening their reading and math skills. To wrap up this fabulous week, students were able to work with the MOREnet team from Columbia in order learn basic coding skills to program miniature Superhero robots through mazes.  Through this MakerSpace Camp, students successfully discovered that learning can be engaging and fun,” Hannah Cole’s Cindy Spaedy stated.

Students began their learning experiences by using the connected iPads (via Bluetooth) as their way to drive the robots. Then, things got more complicated as they had to then make a map (draw a shape) of the route of their devices. This taught the students about shapes and geometry. It also taught them about obstacles since the room they were using was the library. With its many shelves and chairs, students had to learn how to maneuver their robot around the furniture without hitting it by drawing shapes.

Once the students became familiar with shapes they progressed to something a little more difficult – programming.

The students seemed to have fun during the morning and afternoon, but yet, they were learning as well.