A new tool awaits Boonville students as they head back to the classroom. This tool, or app that can be installed on any smart mobile device, could save someone from extensive bullying or even their life.

Students will have access to an app known as IntegraEd, which was adopted earlier this summer as part of an overall new policy the Boonville R-1 Board of Education approved.

“A three-year-old company based in Kansas City, IntegraEd, is making it easier for students to communicate about bullying, harassment or even potential suicides using a simple mobile phone app, SafeStudents. Combined with the advanced ComplyAssist tracking and management software for educators, the system brings a safe and easy way to communicate for students and a streamlined incident management system for educators,” according to a release. “Every day, more people realize that bullying is a major problem for most schools. Suicide is now the leading cause of death for middle school students, and the second leading cause for high school students.”

When students use this software they can remain anonymous.

“SafeStudents app and ComplyAssist software combine to reduce or solve several problems. One is providing students with a safe way to report bullying or other incidents without endangering themselves,” according to a release.

As the school district begins the next school year, students will have more tools to help them promote a safer learning environment. As reported earlier, once an incident is reported, proper procedures will be taken to investigate the allegation. All parties will be subject to protocol that is currently in place. Procedures iare in place to deal with false claims as well.

For additional information on IntegraEd and its software suite, visit www.IntegraEd.com, call (913) 927-0229 or e-mail info@IntegraEd.com.