Boonville seniors were given more than $300,000 worth of scholarships Monday night during the annual awards night that was held in the high school commons.

Boonville High School Principal Tim Edwards was very congratulatory for the students achievements.

“I am very proud of the 2017 Boonville High School Senior Class.  They have achieved outstanding accomplishments in the classroom, on the athletic field and in the community.  They are definitely a source of pride for our community that will go on to do great things in their lives.  The education that they have received here has prepared them for the next step in their lives,” Edwards stated. “The fact that they were awarded well over $300,000 in local, national  and post-secondary institution scholarships is a great indicator of their abilities.”

While the seniors will graduate on May 21, these awards and scholarships will help bring them to the next chapter of their lives in college or any other training they will be pursuing. Please see page two for a complete list of award recipients.



Student Council Exceptional Service Award - Zachary Ruffolo                                                                                


Key Club Exceptional Service Award - Addison Quinlan


Boys State Representatives


   American Legion - Gabriel Rumbaoa


            Kiwanis - Kyle Chrisman


   Lions Club - Justin Hanks


          Rotary Club - Skyler Blumhorst




Girls State Representatives


         American Association of University Women - Annabel Carter


         American Legion Auxiliary - Shayann Potter, Madeline Weber


         Kiwanis Club - McKenna Stumph


         Lions Club - Rachel Lutz


         Pethan Painting - Emily Imhoff


         Rotary Club - Brynn Edwards                                  


Honor 1 Exemplary Ratings at 2017 Missouri State Music Festival


Vocal Solos - Vance Farris, Hannah Gross, Mackenzie Kemp, Kennedy Walker


Clarinet Quartet - Garrett Leutung, Hannah Loesing, Sharyn Shipley, Elizabeth Woolbright


Clarinet Trio - Sharyn Shipley, Kennedy Walker, Elizabeth Woolbright


Trombone Quartet - Joel Concannon, Cole Desmond, Vance Farris, Jordin McGuire


           Agriculture Future of America Leader & Academic Scholarship - Brady Gholson     Thomas Grathwohl, Erica Mantle, Amber Oerly


American Association of University Women Scholarship - Erica Mantle, Cheyenne Schuster




American Legion Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship…Jessica Leathers, Samantha Roberts


A+ Program Participants


Landon Bail


Blake Barnes


Dylan Bennett


Avery Bozarth


Abygail Bruce


Colten Bruce


Alex Byrne


Mathew Dains


Pierce Daugherty


Cole Desmond


Brett Dillender


Weston Fahrenbrink


Taylor Fisher


Jessica Floyd


Charles Fortner


Hannah Fuemmeler


Lucas Gerke


Thomas Grathwohl


Wyatt Grizzle


Ashton Harris


Lindsey Harris


Nathan Hughes


Natasha Jenkins


Jameshia Johnson


Tyler Johnson


Kishanda Jones


Stephanie Kempf


Riley Lang


Rosemary Lenz


Erica Mantle


Elizabeth Monk


Majorie Myers


Amber Oerly


Addison Quinlan


Bobbie Renfrow


Paige Renfrow


Samantha Roberts


Zachary Ruffolo


Truman Schler


Cheyenne Schuster


Ivory Shikles


Ryan Sprigg


Karlie Strawhun


Giovanni Strickland


Stella Tutin


Joshua Udinyiwe


Phillip Udinyiwe


Makiah Waibel


Garrett Ward


Ryan Witting


BTEC Certifications

Babe Ruth Softball Scholarship - Hannah Fuemmeler, Elizabeth Monk, Cheyenne Schuster




Boonslick Young Farm Wives Scholarship - Erica Mantle, Shelby Wessing


Boonville Daily News Scholar-Athlete Award - Hannah Fuemmeler, Riley Lang




Boonville Education Association Scholarship - Taylor Fisher




Boonville High School Alumni Association Scholarship - Brady Gholson, Riley Lang, Paige Renfrow, Cheyenne Schuster


Boonville High School Faculty Award  - Cheyenne Schuster


Boonville Paul Darby Memorial Rotary Club Scholarship - Landon Bail




Boonville Women’s Club Scholarship - Lindsey Harris, Karlie Strawhun, Jordan Xufuris




Bornhauser Family Scholarship Award - Cheyenne Schuster


Bright Flight Scholars Coordinating Board of Higher Education Scholarship - Zachary Ruffolo,      Cheyenne Schuster, Nicholas Zeitlow               




Carmen Bukaty Memorial Scholarship - Joel Concannon


Central Bank of Boone County—Boonville Scholarship - Stephanie Kempf


Central Methodist University      


       Alumni Scholarship - Jessica Floyd


       Band Scholarship - Joel Concannon


       Dean’s Scholarship - Alec Adair


       Dean’s and Football Scholarship - Makiah Waibel


       Dean’s and Track Scholarship - Chelsea Franklin


       University & Eagle Select and Trustees Scholarships - Ryan Sprigg


CMU Fast Track with First Class Certificate of Completion


Alec Adair


Blake Barnes


Kiley Barnes


Alex Byrne


Kurtis Danner


Taylor Fisher


Jessica Floyd


Hannah Fuemmeler


Kenley Fuemmeler


Lucas Gerke


Addison Quinlan


Samantha Roberts


Grace Schupp


Ryan Sprigg


Makiah Waibel


Zachary Weber


Nicholas Zeitlow




Charles B. Schilb Memorial Scholarship - Addison Quinlan, Truman Schler


Clara Leal Memorial Scholarship - Jameshia Johnson, Ryan Sprigg


Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Agents’ Scholarship - Thomas Grathwohl


Clay Harris Memorial Scholarship - Karlie Strawhun


Congressional Art Competition First Place Award - Stella Tutin


    Second Place Award - Isaiah Kaufman


    Honorable Mention - T’yana Shelby


Cooper County Farm Bureau Scholarship - Thomas Grathwohl, Amber Oerly




Cooper County Health Improvement Corporation Scholarship - Jessica Floyd, Addison Quinlan, Zachary Ruffolo, Jordan Xufuris, Hannah Fuemmeler, Paige Renfrow, Karlie Strawhun




Cooper Lodge #36 Scholarship - Abygail Bruce, Colten Bruce


Culver-Stockton Jerry Ulrich Academic/Athletic Scholarship - Garrett Ward


    S.M.A.R.T. Bowling Scholarship - Garrett Ward


David Cosner Humanitarian Memorial - Alec Adair


Do or Die Half Marathon Scholarship - Colten Bruce, Rosemary Lenz, Zachary Ruffolo


Ed Stegner Agriculture Memorial - Brady Gholson


Fred Biesemeyer Memorial Scholarship - Riley Lang


Gene Reagan Scholarship - Hannah Fuemmeler, Nicholas Zeitlow


George Washington Carver Awards - Hannah Fuemmeler, Rosemary Lenz, Cheyenne Schuster, Brady Gholson, Addison Quinlan, Karlie Strawhun, Stephanie Kempf, Paige Renfrow, Jordan Xufuris, Zachary Ruffolo,


Mercy University Mother Mary Bernard Scholarship - Cheyenne Cleary


Hannah Cole DAR American History Award - David Derushia


Hannah Cole DAR Scholarship - Natasha Jenkins




Hannah Cole DAR Good Citizen Award - Cheyenne Schuster




Jeff Brackman Education Scholarship - Rosemary Lenz


Kiwanis Children’s Fund Scholarship - Addison Quinlan


Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship - Lucas Gerke, Addison Quinlan


Lions Club Scholarship - Lindsey Harris, Riley Lang


MFA Board of Directors Scholarship - Lucas Gerke


MFA Foundation Scholarship - Thomas Grathwohl


2017 Missouri Scholars 100 Award - Cheyenne Schuster


Missouri FCCLA Career Clusters Scholarship - Ivory Shikles


Missouri State High School Activities Association  


          Award of Excellence - Brady Gholson, Rosemary Lenz


Missouri State Teachers Association Local Scholarship - Rosemary Lenz




Missouri State University


         Board of Governors Scholarship - Stephanie Kempf


         Deans’ Scholarship - Elizabeth Monk


Missouri Welding Institute


         Farm and Welding Competition Scholarships - Remington Hammers




Mona O’Leta Twenter Memorial Scholarship - Lindsey Harris


NHS American Red Cross Scholarship - Lindsey Harris, Ivory Shikles


National Wild Turkey Federation Conservation Scholarship - Brady Gholson, Ryan Witting


Nora Renfrow Memorial Scholarship - Micahlynn Hollandsworth


Northwest Missouri State University Tower Scholar - Thomas Grathwohl


Pat Jackson Memorial Scholarship - Jordan Xufuris


Paula Stuck Memorial Scholarship - Grace Schupp, Zachary Weber


Pilot Grove Coop & Monsanto Co. Scholarship - Brady Gholson, Amber Oerly, Thomas Grathwohl


Pirate Leadership Award - Joshua Udinyiwe


Presidential Academic Fitness Awards


         (3.5 GPA and 26 ACT or higher, based on seven semesters


Kurtis Danner, Zachary Ruffolo, Joshua Udinyiwe, Pierce Daugherty, Grace Schupp,                    Philip Udinyiwe, Nathan Hughes, Cheyenne Schuster, Jordan Xufuris, Stephanie Kempf,               Ryan Sprigg, Nicholas Zeitlow, Rosemary Lenz, Karlie Strawhun


R. F. Blankenbaker Memorial Scholarship - Paige Renfrow


Ralph Hester Memorial Scholarship - Rosemary Lenz


Rockhurst University Breen, Hawk Fund, and Regent’s Scholarships - Jordan Xufuris


Saint Mary’s Athletic, Spire, and Trustees Scholarships - Kiley Barnes


Sandy Melkersman Memorial Scholarship - Jessica Floyd


Southeast Missouri State University Residence Life Leadership Award - Paige Beran


St. John’s United Church of Christ-Billingsville Scholarship - Thomas Grathwohl


State Fair Community College David Marcum Price Scholarship - Natasha Jenkins


STUCO American Red Cross Scholarship - Rosemary Lenz


Subway Scholarship - T’yana Shelby, Giovanni Strickland

Truman State University


    A+ Recognition, President’s Honorary, and Tru-Merit Scholarships..Karlie Strawhun




Uncas McGuire Memorial Scholarship - Karlie Strawhun


United States Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award - Hannah Fuemmeler, Makiah Waibel




United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award - Shelby Wessing, Nicholas Zeitlow




United States Marine Corps Semper Fi Music Excellence Award - Pierce Daugherty




United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award - Paige Renfrow


University of Central Missouri


          Rebecca and Arthur Farris Scholarship - Nathan Hughes, Shelby Wessing


          Red and Black Scholarship - Nathan Hughes, Grace Schupp, Shelby Wessing


University of Missouri-Columbia


         Spiese Scholarship in Agriculture - Brady Gholson


         Tuition Settlement Scholarship - Brady Gholson


University of Missouri-Kansas City


          Chancellor’s Scholar Award - Addison Quinlan


          Future Roo Scholarship - Kenley Fuemmeler, Ryan Witting




University of Texas-Dallas Academic Excellence Scholarship - Zachary Ruffolo


Wendy’s High School Heisman 2016 Award - Jessica Floyd


Westminster College Trustees Scholarship - Joshua Udinyiwe, Philip Udinyiwe


         Siblings Award - Joshua Udinyiwe, Philip Udinyiwe


         James & Nellie Westlake Scholarship - Joshua Udinyiwe, Philip Udinyiwe


William “Boss” Hirlinger Memorial Scholarship - L’Ondria Lewis


William Woods University Equestrian Science Scholarship - Erica Mantle


          LEAD Award and Presidential Scholar Award - Erica Mantle


Military Recruitments


         Army - David Derushia, Charles Fortner, Justin Masterson, Triston Price                             


Top Ranking Senior earning 4 or more credits in the area of:


Communication Arts - Cheyenne Schuster


Mathematics - Cheyenne Schuster


History - Paige Renfrow


Science - PaigeRenfrow