The Seventh Annual Boonville R-1 Education Foundation Dinner was held Wednesday evening in the Flamingo Bay Ballroom at the Isle of Capri. Mark Ficken, superintendent of schools, welcomed those who came in support of the Boonville schools and led the invocation.

Following a fabulous dinner Bruce R. Quinlan, president of the foundation, presented a video showing many of the accomplishments from previous grants. Quinlan also had the honor of introducing the keynote speaker, Mark Wesselman, who graduated from Boonville High School in 1979. After obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Warrensburg, Wesselman spent 32 years in law enforcement in Texas and Arizona before retiring as a commander in 2015.

Wesselman began with a quote, “Life isn’t perfect, but it sure is fun.”

Wesselman credits his teachers and the education he received in Boonville for his success. “Boonville’s education is superior to anything I’ve seen around the country,” he said. He especially wanted to mention Mrs. Brown who “taught me many life lessons, like admit mistakes and take ownership of them.”  

During his 32 years on the police force, Wesselman said he never shot anyone and his only injuries were a broken foot and a bruised ego. He shared many experiences of his time working in law enforcement and his climb to lieutenant before finally making commander. He even worked undercover twice.

He recalled one of his longest weekends. President Obama was making a visit, and as commander, he was responsible for security and working with the secret service. “Thankfully,” he said, “everything went off without a hitch.”

Wesselman ended with another quote. “If you aren’t having fun, do something different.”

Twelve grants were awarded by Foundation Directors Jennifer Wesselman, Brad Wooldridge, and Marcia Sprigg.

Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators

Boonville High School    

Lightspeed REDCAT Classroom Audio System

Sixth - eighth grade – LSE

“Oh the Places You’ll Go” Literacy and Learning Family Night

Third - fifth grades, David Barton Elementary

Ipad Technology for Reading and Math in the Primary Classroom

Fifth Grade  - David Barton elementary

Science Innovation

First grade – Hannah Cole Primary

Maker Space – Ignite the Fire

K – second grade – Hannah Cole Primary

Using Ipads to increase opportunities for higher order thinking

Kindergarten Hannah Cole Primary

Lightspeed REDCAT Classroom Audio System

Pre-K through second– Hannah Cole Primary

STEM in the Primary Classroom

Pre-K through second – Hannah Cole Primary

Cross-Curricular Technology and Instruction Implementation

Sixth – eighth grades – LSE

Communication Arts with Chromebooks

Sixth  grades – LSE

Rockin’ Robotics

TAG students grades four – eight at David Barton elementary and LSE

In his closing remarks, Foundation President Quinlan said these grants totaled more than $22,000 and wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of each and every donor.