BOONVILLE – A traffic stop Friday night, made by a Cooper County Deputy, broke open an investigation on a series of robberies that have occurred here in Cooper County.

Roadrunners (formerly Dogwood Truck Stop) has had three robberies since the beginning of the year. Investigators from the Cooper County Sheriff’s Office have been investigating the crimes for the last few months. Investigators have run down a number of leads but many have turned up dead ends.

On Friday night at 8:15 p.m., a Cooper County Deputy made a traffic stop that yielded more than a traffic violation. An item in the car caught the eye of the deputy. As the investigation on the stop progressed, the deputy eventually arrested the driver for a drug related charge and speeding. As investigators began looking into the traffic stop and information obtained as a result of the stop they began to discover additional evidence that tied the driver and car to the robberies. On Saturday, March 25, an arrest warrant was obtained for the driver, 21 year old Dallas Franklin of Boonville. Franklin is being charged with multiple crimes related to the three robberies. He is currently being held at the Cooper County Detention Center under a $100,000 bond.