The Boonville R-1 School Band Program is entering the next phase of fundraising for its efforts in giving its band students greater possibilities and opportunities. Students at David Barton Elementary, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School, Laura Speed Eliott Middle School and Boonville High School, all reap the benefits of  these extra funds raised in addition to allocated funds from the district. Much of this money comes from the Annual World Famous Pie Auction, but unfortunately this fundraiser, was cancelled because of an ice storm.

The program then had to enact plan ‘B,’ which opened up a GoFundme page for prospective donations. To keep the band accomplishments strong, the program needed extra funds to continue the success. Extra funds are needed to allow students to have these other opportunities.  

Accomplishments of the Boonville Band Program

300-plus kids in grades five through 12 are involved in the Boonville Band Program each school year.

Students consistently earn superior ratings at MSHSAA State Music Festival for Large Ensembles.

Students consistently earn superior ratings at MSHSAA District and State Solo and Small Ensemble Festivals.  Approximately 50% of high school band students participate in this event each year.

Annual average of 25 percent of high school band students earn membership in the District Honor Bands in the West Central District.

High school and middle school students actively engage in music mentoring and music leadership programs to help their peers.

High School Marching Band consistently places in the top 25 percent of their class in field show and parade competitions.

Marching Drumline consistently earn outstanding honors at field show competitions.

Drum Majors consistently earn recognition and honors in competitions.

For many students, band begins at a young age, much like sports for other students. Students at Laura Speed Elliott Middle School had much to say about how band has impacted their student life.

Eighth grade student Jordan Birk has played clarinet in band since fifth grade.

“Right now we are working on our own range,”Birk said.

Birk added she joined band because her entire family is musically inclined.

“It was sort of a requirement for me,” Birk added. “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Birk has already received a scholarship for band.

Eighth grade student Aly Blank has played percussion since fifth grade.

“Joining band was fun because you get Mr. Kyle Donnelly’s humor, nerdy puns and you get to learn new instruments,” Blank said.

Blank added the primary competition is between classmates to see who gets certain number chairs. Getting ‘first chair’ is what students strive for in each band section.

“I am looking forward to drumline in high school,” Blank said. “I highly recommend fifth graders join band.”

Eighth grade student Corin Wiemholt has played trumpet since sixth grade.

“When I tested out, I was suppose to play trombone, but I chose trumpet because the mouthpiece was smaller – thinking it would be more difficult,” Wiemholt said.

“Band is fun, but difficult sometimes,” he added. “I joined band because I liked music when I was little.”

The students also said that Central Methodist Marching Band Camps have proven very helpful in improving the student’s experience and knowledge in band.

“During the summer the CMU band camps will allow students to get personal attention,” Birk said. “At CMU they take you by yourself and make you better.”

Birk said that the Boonville Band Program was one of the best music programs.

Proceeds from the Annual Pie Auction Fundraiser have provided many additional opportunities to students.

“Over the past 21 years, through the generous and unending support of the local community of parents, friends and businesses, the Pie Auction has raised thousands of dollars that gave the financial support to supply equipment and instruction to benefit the band students of the Boonville School System,” Boonville Band Director Kim Pirtle stated.

She said that in 2012, the 17th Annual Pie Auction garnered $100,000 for the Boonville Band program.  

Individuals can donate right to the Gofundme page by searching Boonville Silver Pirate Marching Band.

Checks can be mailed directly to the school or dropped off in person.

Checks should be made payable to "BOONVILLE BAND BOOSTERS"

Address: Boonville High School

1 Pirate Drive

Boonville, MO 65233

Part two of this story will feature Boonville High School students and how band has affected their school career.