As the Boonville City Council outlines the budget for the next year, the Boonville Police Department outlined items they have sought to include in the annual expenses.

The items listed below will come from the Gaming Revenue Fund from the money the city receives from the Isle of Capri Casino-Hotel. The council has several weeks to approve the budget.

“I have requested $55,000 from this budget to purchase two new patrol vehicles. This is the same amount budgeted last year. We intend to purchase the same or similar vehicles as in the last budget. Some of this money is allocated for the purchase of equipment such as cages, shotgun racks, siren boxes, lightbars, and etc. that may need replacement. This year and in the next couple of years we will need to replace the car cages as we transition to other model vehicles. This money also covers the expense to set-up each vehicle which is approximately $950,” Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver wrote in a release from the City of Boonville.

Welliver also outlined the importance of SUVs in the arsenal of the BPD.

“During the winter weather we were able to use our SU/s and had little or no trouble getting to our calls. This allows us to use our fully marked vehicles Instead of other city vehicles we have had to borrow in the past. I believe these vehicles were great investments to serve our community and make sure our officers are as safe as possible,” he stated.

The department also plans to invest in more firearms.

“I have requested $3,000 in gaming revenue to cover the cost of one new rifle and accessories for the patrol rifles we have purchased. The accessories would include lights, extra

magazines and carry bags. We would also purchase individual trauma packs for every officer to carry on their person. The new rifle will be placed in the K9 Unit. After this purchase all of our vehicles will have a rifle available,” Welliver added. “All patrol vehicles will now have both a shotgun and rifle available for use.”

For the last couple years, the department has been investing in camera systems.

“I am requesting $9,000 to keep replacing our in-car cameras. This will allow the purchase of two cameras. This will allow all of our videos to be stored on the same server and every case will have its own file. This will make the storage and retrieval much easier. We purchased two last year and will purchase two again this year,” he stated. “We received a LLEBG Grant from the State of Missouri to purchase two additional in-car cameras. The grant is in the amount of $7,800. With the purchase of the four new cameras all of our regular uniformed patrol vehicles will have the new cameras. These cameras link with the body worn cameras and if either is turned on it automatically starts the other. This will allow us to make sure we get all of the video from both systems. The officer will not need to remember to tum on both systems. The time saved by the officer not having to do that would enhance their safety by saving even a few seconds as they deal with a situation. It would also ensure that all situations are recorded to

the best of our ability.”

Welliver hopes to replace some aging computers at the department.

“It was the recommendation of our IT company that we replace computers on a five year rotation. In the past we have paid for most computer expenses from the Capital Sales Tax monies. I have left that funding in the current budget submission but it will not be enough to cover this replacement schedule. The Police Department currently has at least 25 computers which include dispatch, office, laptop and MDT's,” he added. “Total expenditures requested is $72,000 which is an increase of $5,000 approved in the 2016-2017 budget. The entire

increase is for the computer replacement schedule.”