It may be common to think that an active shooter incident may not happen in Boonville, but authorities are not taking any chances. Training for such an event was held at Laura Speed Elliott Middle School on Friday morning.

Several scenarios were acted by Boonville Police Officers and teachers of the school district who portrayed students.

Each scenario outlined a possible outcome while different ideas were used to deter a suspect. From barricading the room with tables to throwing large objects such as chairs and hardcover books at a suspect, force was used to deter the situation. Individuals are not urged to sit around and wait because the chance of more lives being lost gets higher. Officials are urged to use any forceful ability they have to get the upper hand. Overall, if the occupants can be evacuated that is the highest priority in a situation such as this.

The district held this training so staff would know what to do during an ill-conceived situation.

“Being proactive instead of reactive is why we are preparing our staff.  We must be prepared in case the inevitable happens,” LSE Assistant Principal Curtis Walk stated.

LSE Principal Fred Smith said he wanted to limit the violence to better serve the students.

This training was based on 25 years of mass shooting events throughout the nation. Teachers asked many questions during the training, but at the end, they were happy they were able to get a clearer picture of the dangers that are possible, even in schools.