It was only 1.5 weeks ago that the Boonville area experienced its first snowfall. Brief as it was, the snow reminded everyone that winter had arrived.

Contrary to last year, this December seems to welcome the winter weather. As temperatures decrease, the National Weather Service (Pleasant Hill) is tracking even colder air that will invade the area by the end of the week. There is also a chance of frozen precipitation on Saturday.

“The cold arctic air has settled into the area and will be here to stay for the next few days thanks to back-to-back surface highs from Canada moving over the region. The first, currently in the area and the second moving in during the day. The continuous influx of arctic air will generally keep highs in the low 30s south of I-70 and mid to upper 20s north of I- 70 and lows in the teens,” according to the NWS.
Many may not have to wait much longer before the next chance of precipitation arrives.
“Our next weather maker is Friday and Saturday as a surface low makes its way across the plains from the Rockies. Chances of precipitation increase with this system Friday morning through Saturday night. In addition, strong warm airadvection will be ahead of the low giving
us high temperatures in the 30s and 40s. However, these high temperatures will occur during the overnight hours Friday into Saturday. Therefore, precipitation may start out as a wintry mix,
but will change over to rain Friday afternoon through some time Saturday. There is where there is still some disagreement between models, but the latest runs of the Canadian andECMWF have fairly good agreement on location and timing of low. They both have the low
moving over KC around 12 a.m. Saturday with the associated coldfront through the entire area by noon Saturday. This would have the temps max out around midnight with the rain starting to change over to snow Saturday morning. TheGFS, however, varies in that it has the low moving slower across the plains. This solution has the low moving over our area and maxing out temps closer to 6 a.m. Saturday morning. This would delay the start of the rain changing to snow to
Saturday afternoon,” according to the NWS.