Boonville native, Tom Krause announces the release of his new book, Who Takes Care of the Caretaker? Available on Amazon Kindle for your phone, ereader or ipad for $2.99 (print edition available soon). Krause, the son of Harlan and Mary Ann Krause, is a 1975 graduate of Boonville High School. He is a retired teacher/coach from the Missouri Public School System for 31 years. He is a national inspirational speaker and a 20-time contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

“Caretakers give a tremendous amount of themselves while going about their duties. Whether you are in the medical field, ministry, education, volunteer, parent or friend, don’t let the demanding job of caretaking stop you from coping with stress and finding peace,” according to a synopsis of the book.

When you dive into Who Takes Care of the Caretaker?,you’ll find an answer to that very question. Author Tom Krause has concluded that caretakers need to help themselves as much as they help others. Their own mental health is just as important as the stability of those they care for. In this new guide, Krause discusses the many stresses and challenges caretakers face. If you’re a caretaker, you’ll find coping skills and other techniques to help you protect your own mental and emotional health.

Krause also teaches you 26 unique ways to cope with stress, including physical exercises that give you room to breathe and emotional activities that help you think about your identity and how you handle certain problems. Each one is easy to implement and will provide additional insight into your work as a caretaker.




It only takes a moment

to reach out to be a friend,

but to the one who needs you

the memory never ends.


A simple act of kindness

to a person you don't know

may plant a seed of friendship

that for them will always grow.


We sometimes lose perspective

of the difference we can make,

when we care more of our giving

and care less of what we take.


So remember that your actions

may help change a life someday.

Always think about the person

that you meet along the way.


For it only takes a moment

to reach out to be a friend,

but to the one who needs you

the memory never ends.