The Christmas Homes Tours begins on Saturday at 10 a.m.

After years of decorating other homes for the Boonville Christmas Homes Tours, Marcey and Keith Caldwell will be sharing their home this year.

The Caldwells are a staple in Boonville, owning a downtown business known for its quality flower arrangements and decorating techniques. Of course, the face behind the creativity is Marcey Caldwell. With support from her husband, she has been living a dream that began at a young age.

Caldwell’s love for decorating began as a child. No matter how simple the supplies were Caldwell could find a way to make it look like it belonged.

“Growing up, my sister and I would always move the furniture around in all the rooms then we would go outside and gather flowers and twigs to accent the rooms. The flowers for two little girls was a bonus,” Caldwell said.

Christmas was a special time for Caldwell and her family who would go to their grandparents’ home.

“I loved going over for all the holidays just to see how each room was decorated.  Then we would pick out our favorite room,” she added.

The love of decorating culminated with being able to own A. Baker Floral Co. In fact, Caldwell would visit this flower shop when she was a child.

“We went to Baker Floral Co every day. Kids back then were easily entertained. All I needed was the corner of the table, scraps off the floor and ‘wa-la’ a beautiful arrangement made by a five year old. Sometimes I made silk arrangements and put them on the show floor with a pretty hefty price tag. I'm sure they didn't sell but they did seem to disappear after a few days. I have always enjoyed working with flowers, being creative and I loved being with the customers and friends,” Caldwell said.

For years, Caldwell has been living part of her dream. This year, the whole dream is being realized when she and her husband open up their 1905 late Queen Anne style home. Located on Sixth Street, a block from Laura Speed Elliott School, this home was once home to Louis Roeder.

“Now it's my turn to decorate my own home and be able to share its beauty with others,” Caldwell said.

The home has been a Boonville staple from the beginning.

“For any Boonville history buffs out there, the Roeder name may sound failure as George Roeder, Louis’s father, established a wagon manufacturing business in Boonville in 1860. The factory itself would have been located on the corner of Sixth and Spring streets where the post office is located today. Louis worked with his father making wagon under the name Roeder and Son up until his father’s death in 1906. The wagon plant would assume many different names over the years, but would remain a business staple in the community until its closing,” according to Boonville Tourism.

Caldwell took care in decorating her home, which features Caldwell’s love for the season – hearkening to the days when she used to visit her grandparents.

“Not to take away from the beauty of our historic home and to showcase our antiques, I decorated simple and elegant.  Of course there is a little bit of bling,” she said.
Furthermore, Caldwell has a silver tinsel tree and lots of other Christmas decorations.

“When touring this beautiful home however, take special notice of the early 1800’s mirror hanging in the living room. The mirror has a special place in Marcey’s heart, as it was acquired from a Showboat salvaged by her great-great grandfather, O.B. Kuechelhan. Kuechelhan brought the mirror to the Commercial Hotel in Boonville and displayed it for many years. The mirror eventually journeyed to the family farm in Lapine, Missouri where it has been passed down throughout the generations. The mirror has become a valued family heirloom and a decoration that the homeowners are excited to share with guests,” the column GoBoonville stated.

With only days before the big tour day, Caldwell is all ready for the season. Her husband has stated that she has spent weeks preparing the home. In doing so, the Caldwell’s are finally fulfilling their dream, just in time for Christmas.

Tickets for the homes tours can be purchased at the Gingrich Warehouse tomorrow during the day.