More than 15 percent turned out to vote in Cooper County on Tuesday.

More than 15 percent turned out to vote in Cooper County on Tuesday.
Of the 1,664 voters who turned out for the election, 1,371 approved a measure that would continue a sales tax for bridge and road improvements. Cooper County Presiding Commissioner Don Baragary said he was very thankful to the citizens.
“We really appreciate the support the voters gave us. This is 40 percent of the entire budget. We have several projects that we want to get done, so we can complete these,” Baragary said. “We are trying to spend the tax payers dollars very wisely.”
Both Pilot Grove questions (one and two) passed with at least three quarters of the vote (75 percent and 78.38 percent respectively).
Mark Blankenship and Heather Lynn will serve on the Otterville School Board. In addition, Otterville’s road question received the green light with more than 62 percent of the vote.
For Bunceton, the citizens re-elected Justin Hein over former mayor Gerald Ulrich. Hein received just more than 68 percent of the vote. Kathryn Cunningham was elected to the Bunceton City Council with almost 61 percent of the vote against Wendell Cunningham.
Robert Lorenz and Laurie Beach were elected to the Cooper County Nursing Home District Board of Directors.
For Boonville, the proposed continuation of a ‘use tax’ (prop one) passed while the discontinuation of a sales tax (prop two) failed. Sixty-two percent of voters approved proposition one while more than 75 percent of voters disapproved of proposition two.
As the election was getting underway, Cooper County Clerk Darryl Kempf was projecting a small turnout, no greater than 11 percent. After the results were counted, he was surprised his projections were wrong once again. In fact, Kempf was elated about the voter turnout and hopes people will continue to get out and vote.
The last election proved to be a good example of a better than expected turnout. With two more elections this year, Kempf hopes that people will continue to vote.