Someday, little Harvey Jackson Grubb is going to sit down with his mom and dad and they are going to tell him a tale that he can one day repeat to his children.

Harvey was born at his parents' Independence home March 20 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Now, to be fair, Harvey would have been born at home to Jason and Alexis Grubb even had the quarantine and pandemic not sent shock waves through the country, but the William Chrisman High School coach and teacher and his wife, a former teacher at Benton Elementary School, believe in keeping it simple, safe and at their home sweet home.

Harvey's 3-year-old sister Blair was born at a birthing center, but 2-year-old Charlotte was born at the couple's home in a birth pool. Harvey arrived March 20 in a more traditional, unmedicated home delivery, in a bed.

"First and foremost, can I tell you how proud I am of Alexis and how she has been amazing throughout all of this," said Grubb, a popular history teacher and tennis coach whose players make sure he keeps them updated on Harvey and his sisters while they are doing online classes at home.

"Alexis and I talked about a natural, unmedicated birth at home after we had Blair at the birthing center. It was a good experience, but we got there too early, and did a lot of walking – a lot of walking – before she finally gave birth to Blair. People ask about the difference between a birthing center and a hospital and they are a lot alike, but there is no medication – it's unmedicated and natural.”

"After that, we talked about home delivery, and that's what we did with Charlotte. She was born in a birthing pool, and I was a little nervous about a water birth – I did the guiding of the baby and it all went great. Of course, Alexis did 99.99999 percent of the work, but I was there to help, to watch and to realize just how amazing my wife is."

So it was a no brainer that Harvey would be Alexis’ second home birth.

"We love our midwives, and this birth was just amazing," Grubb said. "We did not use the birth tub this time.”

"We did our research," Alexis said. "I first learned about unmedicated home birth through my step-mom, and I read book after book and we decided after Blair's birth in the birthing center that this was the way we wanted to go.”

“Some members of our families were nervous about home birth, but we found our amazing midwives, and it has been one of the best decisions we could ever make."

It was also a special time for Blair and Charlotte, who were allowed to stay up past their bedtime to meet Harvey about a half hour after his birth.

“The next morning was like Christmas,” Grubb said. “They could hardly wait to see little brother – and it was love at first sight.”