It's dj vu at Lion's Park as it is faces multiple forms of vandalism per week. This time it is the bathrooms that are being vandalized.

It's déjá vu at Lion's Park as it is faces multiple forms of vandalism per week. This time it is the bathrooms that are being vandalized.
Historically Lion's Park has been subject to multiple forms of vandelsim. In the past, the basketball goals and picnic tables have been torn up on a constant basis. After security cameras were placed in the park, the vandals are now focussing on the bathrooms since the department cannot put cameras in a space that requires privacy.
Boonville Parks Director Gary Nauman is hoping he can seek help from the community in catching the individuals causing the problems. The alternative includes closing the bathrooms indefinitely. Nauman hopes this issue can be worked out before this option is officially undertaken.
Nauman said something will have to happen soon because the $500 annual vandalism budget is almost depleted.
Past offenders have all been minors. While they have been handed over to the juvenile system, the youth end up having to correct what they destroyed.
In this case, one toilet is being vandalized by tearing out the mechanisms from the tank. This has caused the toilet to run over, wasting much water and costing the city and area residents money to fix in addition to intermediate problems with replacing the toilet mechanisms each time. Sometimes, this has to be done more than twice a week.  
While the cameras have deterred much of the past vandalism, this new problem poses an even greater challenge.
Boonville resident Theresa Krebs said she understands the issues facing the parks department.
"I feel Gary is right and has exhausted all measures," Krebs said.
Krebs said it is sad and unfortunate that 10-12 year olds are the main age group doing the vandalism.
"Some children need to be supervised. Parents and grandparents can do their part," she added.
Krebs said that maybe the restrooms could be placed in a different location, maybe closer to the ball field, which is filled with children almost every evening as they play baseball or softball.
As the parks department measures their option, the Boonville Police Department will be stepping up its patrol of the area.
"We are going to try to have our officers do some foot patrol as time allows," Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver said.
Welliver is also asking for help in finding the individuals responsible for these crimes.
"I would ask that parents speak with their children and if the children have seen or heard about the vandalism to please report it to the Police Department as soon as possible. If a juvenile is charged with vandalism they would be referred to the Juvenile Office and charges may be sought against them," Welliver stated.
To report a crime, call the BPD at 660-882-2727.
"With the ball tournaments coming this summer it would be nice for the community to put a good step forward for the out-of-town visitors," Krebs said.