The Boonville Pirates tennis team recorded wins in all six singles matches and all three doubles matches to beat Sedalia Sacred Heart last night in Sedalia by a score of 9-0.
While the win improved the Pirates to 4-3 overall, head coach Stephanie Green said she was extremely pleased with this win and proud of the effort all of the players put in to make this a successful match.
“Missing 4 of the top 6 can be very difficult,” Green said. “When players are moving up 4 spots, it can be intimidating, but our guys really held their own and executed solidly across the board. Strickland showed so much confidence and intelligence in his play against a big serving opponent that he was able to control the pace of the match and set up points because of his quickness and his ability to see the entire court and options. Adams played his second tiebreak of the day in singles, but kept his head and moved the ball, transitioned well, hit open court and just looked very controlled to take the tiebreak without ever being behind. He and Strickland toughed out their first tiebreak by just using good strokes and fundamentals to consistently put the ball deep in the court and force errors. In Burns singles debut, and at the number 3 spot, he really covered the court well and made good shot selection to showcase his athleticism and intelligence.
“Rumbaoa figured out he needed to play his style of game and hit the ball to set up points at 5-4. With that knowledge, it was a quick finish to the match because he played at his level and his style. McNeal entered the singles lineup after winning a challenge match yesterday and was on point serving and making sure he hit solid and consistent strokes as well as using the court well. Rehagen figured out his transition game and once he saw where he needed to be executed very well, keeping the ball in play and moving it to set up winning shots.”
In singles play, sophomore Gio Strickland led things off for Boonville by beating Sacred Heart’s Sakditach Lerdanum 8-3.
At No. 2 singles, Braden Adams defeated Sergio Justiniano in a tiebreaker 9-8 (7-1). At No. 3 singles, Christian Burns won 8-2 over Bea Coruna. At No. 4 singles, Gabe Rumbaoa prevailed over Zach Parsons 8-4. At No. 5 singles, Brett McNeal turned back Jared Valendo 8-1. Meanwhile, at No. 6 singles, Luke Rehagen defeated Elayna Ebers 8-2.
The Pirates also dominated in doubles, with the No. 1 team of Strickland and Adams winning in a tiebreaker over Lerdanum and Justiniano 9-8 (10-8).
At No. 2 doubles, Rumbaoa and Rehagen beat the team of Coruna and Parsons 8-2. Meanwhile, at No. 3 doubles, Burns and Engle won 8-3 over Valendo and Ebers.
Green said Rumbaoa and Rehagen took a while to get their play at the pace they like and to be aggressive at the net, but once that fell into place, their doubles match went fairly quickly.
“Burns and Engle continue to impress with their progress,” Green said. “They gel on the court and compliment each other. The combination of experience and athleticism gave them an edge tonight and allowed them to work on improving some aspects of their game. Our newer players got to see a lot of court time today playing singles and doubles and that definitely will make an impact as we continue on this season and have to play various formats against teams that are also improving.”
In JV action, Boonville defeated Sacred Heart 5-2.
Recording wins in singles for Boonville were Will Engle over Chelsea Smith 8-3; Joel Concannon over Claire Sobaski 8-5; and Christian Kosnopfal over Reina Woolery 8-1.
In other singles matches, Tyler Weixeldorfer fell to Frida Frausto 8-5 while Koby Abel lost to Claire Sobaski 8-3.
In doubles, the No. 1 team of McNeal and Concannon defeated the team of Smith and Sobaski 8-1 while the No. 2 team of Weixeldorfer and Kosnopfal beat the team of Frausto and Woolery 8-1.