Wind chills to drop to dangerous levels

Wind chills this week will be dangerously cold, especially Wednesday when the lows could drop near zero.
With a high of 10 degrees forecasted, Wednesday may be the coldest day of the season so far. According to, winds will be out of the northwest blowing between 15-25 miles per hour making temperatures seem much cooler. During the night, the wind will not be as strong, but could gust as high as 10 miles per hour.
Cooper County Emergency Operations Center Director Tom White said that according to the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill, the windchill could drop between 9-12 below zero.
"Temperatures will drop to dangerous lows this week. I encourage you to check on neighbors and friends during this cold period," White said.
White urges individuals to get back into gear regarding their winter safety and preparation. He added that pet owners need to keep a close eye on their pets, especially during the middle of the week with the negative windchill.
Other areas of concern include keeping pipes from freezing and making sure no hoses are attached to hydrants. This alone can cause pipes to bust.
Temperatures this week will fluctuate around the mid-30s outside of the quick cold snap on Wednesday.