CCBC gearing up for King celebration

The next two months look to be very busy for the Concerned Citizens of the Black Community according to CCBC President Tawny Brown-Warren.
While the members of the CCBC gear up for the Martin Luther King Celebration on January 18, the Sumner School is being booked each weekend for events. While the building has been open for renting, it is the coldest months of the year that individuals are showing the biggest interest.
On January 18, a Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration will be held at the school after a march from City Hall, which will begin at 1 p.m. The guest speaker at the school will be Adrian Hendricks. Many local ministers, especially Bridget Mitchell of St. Matthews AME, will assist with the event.
"I look forward to having the program with the ministers," Warren said.
"Signed into law in January 1983 by President Ronald Reagan, the national Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday is a celebration of Dr. King’s immeasurable contribution to the United States, and to humankind. The holiday would not have been possible without the tireless leadership of the King Center’s founder and long-time president, Mrs. Coretta Scott King," as stated by "Celebrated on the third Monday of January, the King Holiday is a time when the nation pauses to remember Dr. King’s life and work, but also to honor his legacy by making the holiday a day of community service."
Each room at the school will be open to visitors so they can see the progress that has been made at the school. Everyone is welcome to attend the celebration.
Within two months the Annual Soul Food Dinner will be resurrected. The event, which will be bringing back a long held tradition, will offer what the old dinner offered before but with more help from community members. Tickets are on sale now. Individuals can save three dollars by placing their ticket order early. Advance tickets cost $12, while tickets at the door cost $15. Seniors only have to pay $10 while children older than 12 years old eat for $6. Children under 12, eat free.
Proceeds from these events will be used to help rejuvenate the school, including finishing the gym floor. Warren hopes to reinstate the scholarships that are given to students pursuing higher education.