After dropping two straight sets against St. Pius X of Kansas City Saturday in a Class 3 quarterfinal match at the Windsor gymnasium, Boonville Lady Pirates volleyball coach Morgan Sprigg commented that she couldn’t wait for next year and what the season will bring.
While the loss closed out the Lady Pirates season at 24-7-3 overall and 8-2 in the NCMC, they also fell one match short of reaching the Final Four with the loss to St. Pius X.
Of course with each win, the Lady Pirates also reaped the rewards for their hard work by placing three players on the all-conference team. Seniors Morgan Edwards and Daryl Fagan were both first-team selections while Anna Terlep, another senior, was selected to the second team.
Meanwhile, after winning their second straight district title, Boonville again had several players selected to the first team. Heading the first team for the Lady Pirates were Edwards, Fagan, Terlep and senior Jessica Luscombe. Sprigg was also selected as the Coach of the Year.
Boonville also received good news concerning the Central/South Central Class 3 All-Region Team.
According to Sprigg, Edwards was selected to the second team while Fagan was named to the honorable-mention team.
Sprigg said there isn’t a better way to start out a season than the way she did this year.
“Words cannot describe, how happy and thankful I am,” Sprigg said. “I had the best team any coach could ask for. The girls were well behaved and were ready to start a new chapter with a new coach this year. I knew the minute I walked into the first meeting, it was going to be a great year. The girls were taught a lot by Susie, and I am very thankful for that. I knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy job, but I was ready to the challenge and I officially completed with a great outcome.
“I didn’t know that we would make it as far as we did this year, but I had all the faith in the world in them. I pushed and pushed them every day, constantly telling them what a great team we are and how good we could do. I was very proud of the outcome we had, not too bad for my first year. We had a few goals that I knew were not going to be easy, but it didn’t stop the girls. We managed as a team to complete those goals, even though we came up short on two of them. One of the team goals was to beat Hannibal this year. The girls wanted to beat them so bad, especially the seniors. We didn’t reach that goal, but we sure fought hard for the Conference Title and I am hoping we can change that next year.
“I had very high expectations for the girls this year and they never let me down. We didn’t start off the way I anticipated, with one of my starters tearing her ACL in the first game, but we bounced back quickly and came together as a team. We had to make some switches, but found that it was going to work and had one heck of a season. I will miss my seniors very much next year, their shoes will be hard to fill. But I know that the juniors will be ready to take on their last season. I cannot wait for next year and what the season will bring.”
After sitting out last year, Edwards jumped right in as the team’s top hitter. Of course nobody was better than Edwards when it came to kills and blocks. For the season, Edwards led the Lady Pirates with 145 blocks along with 165 kills on 488 attack attempts with 136 service points with 40 aces and 72 digs.
Sprigg said she was honored that Edwards came out for volleyball her senior year, knowing that she had took the previous year off.
“Morgan was a great player to coach,” Sprigg said. “She was born an athlete, and it didn’t take much for her to get back in the groove of things. She was a player that listened at all times, and wanted to better herself every day. She was one that never gave up and keep the team going, always wanting to get the win. Morgan had an outstanding season, she led the team in both kills and blocks. She was a beast at the net, playing outstanding offense and defense. There were times where she was unstoppable. Morgan led the in the conference with blocks as well. She was picked first team all- conference, first team all-district, and second team all-region. I believe that she deserved every one of those titles with the season she had this year. I was proud of her performance every game. She is going to be hard to replace and will be missed, but I know that Jessica Luscombe is ready to step up and fill her shoes.”
Fagan also stepped up her game this season for the Lady Pirates while leading the team with 529 digs. As the team’s libero, Fagan also had 134 service points with 31 aces, two kills on 35 attack attempts and one assist.
Sprigg said Fagan was chosen by the team to be one of the captains this year, which was very fitting.
“Daryl was a fun and awesome player to coach,” Sprigg said. “If I needed something, Daryl would step up and help me out or take control. She has come a long way from the beginning of the season. Knowing Daryl, I knew she was quiet and I thought it was going to be hard to have a libero that was as quite as she is. But she stepped right in there and did the job extremely well. She practiced hard every day, bettering herself. Daryl didn’t have many bad games, she was a very consistent libero and could pick up anything that was hit to her. Daryl was a great teammate and communicated well on the floor. Daryl played the best defense that I have seen in a long time. Daryl had an outstanding season leading the team with 529 digs. She also led the conference in digs, and in my eyes she was the best libero in the conference. She was picked first team all-conference, first team all-district, and honorable mention team all-region. I am beyond proud of Daryl and all of her accomplishments. She is another one that is going to be missed and very hard to replace, but I believe Sophie Taube is ready for the challenge next year.”
Terlep also gave the Lady Pirates one of the best 1-2 combos in the conference as an outside hitter.
While finishing second only to Fagan in digs with 363, Terlep also finished second in kills with 153 on 710 attack attempts along with 147 service points with 34 aces, 15 blocks and two assists.
Sprigg said Terlep was also chosen by the team to be the other captain of the volleyball team this year.
“The role of being a captain fit Anna perfect, on and off the court she was one that never let down and always kept the team going strong,” Sprigg said. “Anna has a big heart and you need players like this to keep the team motivated and going in the right direction. Anna took care of a lot when it came to team bonding, or even team meetings. One thing that Anna believed in was the team being a family, and I couldn’t agree more. She was very helpful when the team would head in the wrong direction to pick them up. Anna was a great player and so much fun to coach. Even though she was silly at times during practice, she pushed herself hard every day. Anna is an all-around good team player that communicated very well on the floor. She was the go to girl on the court that could do just about anything. Anna was second in leading the team with kills. Anna was picked second team all-conference and first team all-district. She was all over the board on her stats and I was very proud of the season she had this year. Anna is going to be missed very much by the team and is going to be hard to replace, but I know that I will not have trouble finding that player next year.”
Sprigg already has Luscombe in mind to replace Edwards as the teams top hitter. While finishing with 102 kills on 360 attack attempts, Luscombe also had 116 blocks along with 25 digs, six service points with one ace and one assist.
Sprigg said Luscombe is a great athlete for a junior.
“She is very coachable, and will listen and do just about anything you ask her,” Sprigg said. “She is one of those girls who wants to learn and better herself. I enjoy coaching Jessica, she has so much potential and had a great year this year. Jessica was another beast at the net, who played some great offense and defense. She was second leading the team in blocks. Jessica had two great games in the District Tournament. She was fired up both nights and at moments she was unstoppable. Jessica was chosen first team all-district this year and I believe it was well deserved. I know that Jessica will continue playing throughout the year and this summer bettering herself for next fall. I cannot wait to coach Jessica again and have a great season her senior year.”