County native runs for second term
as 48th District Representative

Dave Muntzel is running unopposed for Representative of the Missouri 48th District on the November 4 ballot. Muntzel is a Cooper County native who grew up just a mile down the road from the Ravenswood Mansion near Belair.
During his early years on the farm, Muntzel attended Bunceton Schools and went to church at Billingsville. After high school, he attended Central Missouri State University with a business and marketing degree. After several years working in the agriculture feed industry in Kansas and Sedalia, Muntzel then worked for Farm Bureau Insurance, at the Cooper County office in Boonville.
After completing two years as representative, Muntzel is vying for two more years.
"People ask me if I get rewards out of being a representative? I tell them there are two different  positions. One is I go down to Jefferson City and submit bills and to go through all the committees and then vote on the issues on the House Floor. Money is tied to about every bill. It is our job to allocate the revenue coming into the state. The other side of being a state representative is representing the people. I get so much satisfaction from that," Muntzel said.
Some may think the honor of serving the people is a part-time job, but in reality is just like any full time job.
"When we are not in session we have interim committee meeting sessions in the summer then there is campaigning every two years along with speaking engagements all through the summer and fall," Muntzel added.
He said he has had  much satisfaction helping people that have come across a road block withing his district. "I can put people in contact with the right people," he added. "I enjoy the representation the most."
Muntzel believes education and economic development are two of the biggest issues in the state right now. While there are many issues in addition to these, he believes education touches on almost all of them as a foundation.
"It is part of the Constitution that we provide a good education to all the students in the state of Missouri," Muntzel said. "Each year the issue comes up that we need more funding in education, which I am all for. Then you have to look at where the funding comes from. The funding has to come through jobs. If we have more jobs then we have more funding for education. Thirty-six percent of all revenue in the state revenue goes to education. The Constitution says we have to do 25 percent. The more revenue we have the more money there is for education."
Muntzel outlined his position on the four amendments that are on Tuesday's ballot.
Amendment 2, if passed, will allow courts to know if there is a prior conviction in a sex crime dealing with a minor (less than 18 years of age). Muntzel said he had yet to find anyone opposed to this amendment. "If there is a person that has been convicted of a prior sex crime I think it is only fair that they understand. I think it is important a jury knows all the facts," he said.
Amendment 3 deals with how school districts hire and fire teachers.  
"The system is working fine the way it is. I do not want to limit the authority of superintendents and principals. I will vote no on this amendment," Muntzel said.
Amendment 6, if passed, will increase the voting time by six days.
"In addition to having the one day with open polling places across the state, the extra days will allow individuals to vote at the county clerk's office. There will be a little bit of additional expense," Muntzel said. "I am in favor of giving people additional time to vote."
Amendment 10 prohibits the governor from estimating available state revenues when making budget recommendations under certain legislative circumstances.
Muntzel said if there is an emergency I believe the governor has some say so in regards to releasing money or withholding it.
"There has been no emergency lately. We have had a two percent increase in revenue so, why is the governor withholding money? The other part of that amendment requires the governor to let the legislative branch of the government know he will withhold money. Sometimes they do not find out later that he has withheld money. He needs to give reasons why he is doing this," Muntzel said.
Muntzel added this amendment will add accountability regardless if a Democrat or Republican is in office.