Area residents fondly remember one-room schoolhouse

He remembers a good teacher. For Norbert Langkop, it was like a trip down memory lane while visiting the Clear Springs Schoolhouse on its 100th birthday.
Old stories were abundant of the one-room schoolhouse, which now is used as a community center. Langkop was the oldest individual who attended the celebration on Sunday at the schoolhouse, located right off of Clear Springs Drive in western Cooper County.
Langkop remembers going to school at the schoolhouse more than 90 years ago, when the schoolhouse was relatively new at the time. Langkop walked to school since he did not live too far from the building.  
"It was along time ago," Langkop said. "It still looks like how I remember it."
More stories were shared, even ones that did not involve this particular schoolhouse.
Before the schools were consolidated, one-room schoolhouses dotted the countryside. The stories were similar, no matter which school it was. In all, everyone who remembers their schooling during those times, greatly appreciates what they learned.
If an individual had forgotten what they learned in a previous grade, all they had to do was listen when the lower grade was being taught that very same thing.
In the 1960s the one-roomed schoolhouses went vacant since most area students began to attend Boonville. Many of the buildings sat empty and rotted to the ground. For the Clear Springs Schoolhouse, the very same year it closed a group of community individuals got together to form the West Boonville Community Center. Since 1964, the organization has given new life to the schoolhouse, which houses events and celebrations throughout the year.
West Boonville Community Center Board President Skip Jaeger gave the close to 30 attendees during the celebration a brief history of the school and the organization. Many of the guests, who did not attend school there, remember attending 4H meetings and other special occasions when they were younger.
Jaeger also spoke of the past improvements to the building along with the future endeavors the organization will pursue.