During his most recent episode of "Last Week Tonight", comedian John Oliver issued Internet trolls a call to arms: quit spewing "badly spelled vile" in comment sections everywhere, and direct that rage toward the FCC's website, where the FCC recently asked the public to comment on its net neutrality proposal.

Oliver joined the contingent of critics who oppose the proposed merger between internet service provider giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Many think that such a merger would give Comcast too much control over the internet access and give it an opportunity to favor its own streaming content over its competitors' content.

"We need you to get out there and for once in your lives focus your indiscriminate rage in a useful direction. Seize your moment, my lovely trolls. Turn on caps lock and fly, my pretties," Oliver said, after lampooning Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable during his net neutrality sketch. 

And the trolls listened: for several hours yesterday, the FCC's public comment website was down due to "heavy traffic." 

The FCC's proposal would allow internet content companies to pay internet service providers (ISPs) for so-called "fast lanes" to consumers. The proposal won't let ISPs slow down internet traffic, but it will give an advantage to rich companies that can afford the fast lanes.

As of today, the FCC's public comment section seems to have recovered. Internet users can share their opinions on net neutrality at the FCC's public comment website or at open internet@fcc.gov.

Watch the full video here: 

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