Don't miss out on some of the best things about your town! Start discovering your town with these 4 ideas.

We lived in upstate New York for 3 1/2 years. I loved living amongst all the green and seeing the local historic sites. But when we moved away I realized how much we hadn't even seen! There is a lot I wish we would have done. After we moved to Colorado I wanted to make sure not to make the same mistake and became an official local tourist. How to do you start exploring your own backyard? Try these 4 ways: 1. Grab a Visitor's Guide Before you dive into the hidden gems, see what all the fuss is about with the well-known sites. People from around the world come to see them, chances are you'll like them too. As you go to the more popular sites, keep a look-out for your favorite areas so when visitors come, you'll know the best places to take them. Visitors guides are free and usually can be ordered or viewed online. Bonus: Visitors guides usually include coupons. 2. Explore the National Parks Get out into nature and enjoy the natural wonders of your town. Whether its the beautiful rock formations or a marshy bird habitat, there is greatness to be found and enjoyed. National Parks offer free admission six times a year. Pack a lunch, grab the sunscreen and some water and go on a nature hunt. 3. Head Behind the Scenes Have you always wanted to see how the pin setter works at the bowling alley? Ask for a tour behind the scenes. Does your child want to know how the movies get on the screen at the theater? A lot of theaters are willing to show you if you just ask. Getting a behind the scenes look is a great way to have some fun and find your favorite local spots. When we went on a tour of the local sports stadium they told us all the secrets like the real best seats in the house. 4. Ask the Locals Yes, I know you are a local but ask the ones that have been there longer than you. Odds are they know about some secret gems that you can discover. I thought I knew about everything until I asked someone who had lived here all their life. Now I have a whole new list of sites to discover. As my family and I have explored our community, we have gained a much deeper appreciation for where we live. We love our town! There is so much diversity and history. I also like becoming familiar with the local shops and unveiling their greatness. There is so much more to your town than you may have first thought. What are you waiting for? Become your town's best expert by becoming a local tourist yourself.%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//