Saints Peter and Paul School continues theater tradition

A Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School tradition continues with its annual play, which brings students from seventh and eighth grade together in a two-night performance at Thespian Hall on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.
'A Pirate's Life for Me' is the ninth play that Saints Peter and Paul music instructor Linda Burnett has directed.
"Every year we do a different play using junior high students. We make sure the eighth graders are cast and then we have seventh graders along with sixth graders who sometimes help. This year the play is only made up of seventh and eighth graders," Burnett said.
The play is set in the late 1700's on the American east coast.
The play is about a young man (Roger Goodman played by eight grade student Kyle Chrisman) trying to impress his girl friend (Sarah Huffington played by eighth grade student Hannah Gross) who is interested in someone more daring and ferocious than Goodman. Goodman sets out to become a pirate and set sails with a less-than competent crew looking for a way to become a better pirate. Goodman then runs into an old retired pirate (Long John Silver played by Samuel Wiser) who is still trying to find a treasure he buried long ago.
"It has some different twists and turns until the end. Meanwhile, Sarah decides to set sail too as she tries to find a pirate," Burnett said.
The cast of the play includes Eli Bechtel who plays George, Emily Imhoff who plays Kate, Maddie Weber who plays Belinda, Ben Horst who plays Lord Huffington, Claire Grissum who plays Lady Huffington, Zack Watring who plays Claude, Megan Kammerich who plays Maude, Mackenzie Lutz who plays Parrot, Michael Runnebaum who plays Sneak, Megan Young who plays Snaggle, Landon Weaver who plays Snoot, Ceirra Bushner who plays Laverne, Sydney McGuire who plays Shirley, Grace Bronakowski who plays Ethel, Thomas Simmons who plays Captian Belvedere, Sage Butler who plays Bluebeard the Pirate, Kaitlyn Doza who plays Smudge, Rachel Lutz who plays Dandy, Georgie Wright who plays Kiki, Maelynn Brengarth who plays Miki, Maggie Adair who plays Creaky and Booke Coleman who plays Lucy.