Boonville Council briefed on report from Advanced Disposal

Dan Buckley, General Manager of Advanced Disposal gave the Boonville City Council the yearly review.
"Every year for the last three years, we have had 1,500 less tons of trash at the transfer station," Buckley said.
Buckley discussed the new market in Columbia and other places in Cooper County. There were 134,000 residential pickups in the 2013 and. Just over 20 missed pickups were reported.
"Everything went very well for the bulk pickup," Buckley said.
"We set high goals for ourselves. We had four incidents in 2013," Buckley said.
Barkley also said Boonville's own Advanced Disposal driver Barry Barclay was among a handful of employees who were named employee of the year. Each employee was flown to Florida for a vacation.   
"Driver Barry Barclay was spoken highly of at the Boonville City Council meeting. The residents of Maple Street told their council representative about Barry’s work ethic. Specifically, Barry was noted for his polite, kind demeanor and attention to the smallest details of his job. Thank you for a job well done," Boonville Director of Public Works M. L. Cauthon III told Advanced Disposal.
"Barry is really an awesome driver. When a friend and I were at Casey's, Barry drove by and honked. My friend said he is the nicest. He always has a smile on his face," Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher said.
"He sets a good example. We have the new guys (drivers) go out with him to learn from him," Buckley said.
Barclay chose to be rewarded monetarily instead of the  being flown to Florida.
The council was very pleased with Buckley's report.
The council unanimously voted to consider a City of Boonville and Cooper County joint resolution approving economic development vision and priority statement. This vote of approval allows Boonville Economic Developer Jim Gann to work for the entire county for economic development.
The council also decided consider parking restriction request from Nelson Memorial United Methodist Church for the Motorcycle Prison Ministry Event on June 7.
In addition, Boonville City Planner Megan McGuire briefed the council on possible conflict of interest issues that may arise. Per Boonville Ward Three Councilman Ned Beach's request, McGuire researched what Beach deemed to be a conflict of interest for a couple council members. McGuire reiterated, that there was no conflict of interest and outlined the reasons. Each council member was given a folder of information on conflict of interest issues. She said while some of the information does not pertain to the council, much of it does.
Gann briefed the council on the same information he told the Industrial Development Authority on current economic development issues.
Gann said the Hostess Bread factory is in good shape.
"We have developed five prospects we want to target with baking operations. We are seeking people who are interested in a functioning bakery who do not have direct competition with FLowers Foods," Gann said.