It's contested! Thacher and Carter run for mayor

The mayoral race is now contested. Mayor Julie Thacher will run for re-election for mayor against Boonville Ward Four Councilman Morris Carter. Thacher decided to run again after individuals from the community voiced concerns about an uncontested mayoral race. This decision was brought before the Boonville City Council at the Tuesday evening meeting.
"It became apparent that the mayor's race would most likely be uncontested and people in the community really wanted to have a choice for mayor.  I had people contacting me and urging me to rethink my decision.  I do feel that it is important for folks to have a choice. " Thacher said.
Boonville Ward One is now contested between Sarah Galagher and Kari Evans. Henry Hurt is running uncontested for ward four.
In other business, the Kemper Administration Building was a topic of discussion, especially since now its future is unclear. Boonville Ward One Councilman Mike Kelley voiced concerns about the building, stating he believes safety is a huge concern. He said if the building is going to come down anyway, work on its demolition should begin soon. Estimates to demolish the administration building include a quote for $300,000 to tear down the entire structure and $800,000 to keep the corner section, which is the oldest part of the building.
By summer, a new Casey's General Store will be located near the Interstate 70 and Highway B intersection. Boonville Ward Two Councilman Noah Heaton said he was concerned about traffic and poised the idea of extending the speed limit of 30 miles-per-hour from the hospital to the intersection. According to Boonville Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon, trying to get approval from the Missouri Department of Transportation to do this, would be very complicated and time consuming.
In further news, Boonville Parks Director Gary Nauman wanted feedback from the city council regarding the possibility of a “no smoking” ordinance  in Boonville city parks. Nauman researched this possibility after being approached by a representative of the Breathe Easy group. Nauman said he could not find any other cities who had poised a ban of smoking in a park. The city council members were in favor of Breathe Easy’s education to help individuals quit smoking. They were also in favor of the group teaching smoking etiquette around other people but four councilmen said they would not vote in favor of a ban in parks, citing smoking was a personal choice.
Matt Billings has been named to the Boonville Tourism Commission after a