At first glance, the Yellow Jacket could be just another beefed-up, ultra-protective iPhone case. 

But it does far more than safeguard your smartphone from drops or spills: It can protect you from physical attacks.

Inside the Yellow Jacket case is a 650,000-volt stun gun that you can activate by pressing a button on the side of the case. 

How much does 650K shock hurt?

Well, a lot.

A 5-second or longer taze could bring a grown man to his knees, though Yellow Jacket says that the case won't cause any lasting damage (just the perfect opportunity to flee if you feel like you're in danger). 

Wanna see what it looks like in action?

The Yellow Jacket case transforms from this:

To this, when activated:


You might not even have to actually stun someone to get him or her to back off, though. Part of the fear-factor of the Yellow Jacket is its sharp, intimidating buzz and the bright blue light it emits. While walking through the CES showroom floor, where we spotted the Yellow Jacket, I was stunned by the ferocious thrumming I heard coming from the company's booth. 

Luckily, though, the company makes it difficult to accidentally stun yourself through the seat of your pants. Before the activation switch works, you need to flip off the cover on the metal prongs and flip the safety switch. Quick and easy enough when you're feeling threatened, but unlikely to happen by mistake. 

Another neat feature of the Yellow Jacket: The case doubles the charge of your phone and will keep 10% reserve battery for emergencies — meaning you can use the stun gun feature on the case even when it's otherwise "dead." 

The company currently sells cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S for $99, with iPhone 5/5S and Samsung Galaxy cases on the way for the spring. 

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