Three options remain for the unsafe Kemper administration building

Three options are on the table for the Kemper Military School Administration Building since the building was ruled unsafe. These three options were discussed at the Boonville City Council Work Session Monday night.
Two of the options include demolition of some if not all of the building. If the building was totally demolished, a park could be dedicated within the footprint of the former building. A 3-D rendering of how the campus would look like without the current administration building was shown, which included a design of the proposed park if the building were to be demolished. The proposed park would use elements from the building as sort of a memorial to the building itself.
Option two, would allow the oldest portion of the administration building to stand, which is located at the south-east corner. This building could serve as a museum according to discussion that was passed around between council members.
Option three, would allow the full building to stand as long as it was renovated in a timely manner by another party. Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher said she had discussed the matter with the Kemper Military School Alumni Association Vice-President Laura Gramlich about the administration building and potential plans of demolition. According to Thacher, there could be interest from the alumni. Estimates from the city state the administration building could be renovated for $15 million.
A final decision has yet to be made but a quick decision is anticipated.