High Street Victorian Christmas Party

The High Street Victorian Tea Room entertained guests from as far away as St. Charles at their first Christmas Tea and Holiday Celebration on Saturday, December 14. Guests arrived at 6:30 p.m. dressed in period costumes and were served original non-alcoholic drinks of eggnog, apple cider or tea, and then were treated to an authentic High Tea.
Parlor games, complete with prizes, began with a costume contest. Each guest was asked to vote, by secret ballot, for their favorite costume. The winner, John Quint, wore a three-piece suit with a watch chain, and had arrived wearing a cape and stove-pipe hat.
The first parlor game was an interactive guessing game which relied heavily on the participant’s artistic skills and imagination. Knowing the names of as many Christmas songs as possible was a plus but did not guarantee success. Amid much laughter, a winner was announced after two rounds.  
Scramble, using a list of Christmas or seasonal words, ended the parlor games. The first person to unscramble all the words would be the winner.  However, when no one could complete that not-so-simple task, the game was called by mutual agreement. The highest number of words unscrambled was 23 and a winner was declared.
The Victorian Christmas Party lasted for more than two hours and was a total success and enjoyed by all.
"The tea went really well. Individuals said they would be back next year," High Street Victorian part owner Kriss Royer said.
A mother and daughter came from St. Charles and stayed at the B and B. They made the arrangement for the Victorian Tea.
"I hope next year more people will give it a try and find out it is really fun," Royer said.