Rep. Hartzler visits Caterpillar plant

Missouri's Fourth District United States Representative Vicky Hartzler made a stop in Boonville to tour the Caterpillar plant Thursday afternoon. Hartzler was greeted by plant manager Steve Peters who led Hartzler on a tour of the facility.
“When I got the chance to represent Cooper, Howard and Boone counties I looked at the major employers of the area,” Hartzler said. “I wanted to meet with these people who provide jobs to these individuals within the district.”
Hartzler's tour lasted for almost an hour as she and Peters discussed the plant and its importance to the area.
“We talked a little bit about the economy and how I can be helpful in Washington D.C.,” Hartzler said.
Hartzler said she is very excited to have the plant in the district and complemented them on the great jobs and products it is providing to the area.
“It was exciting to see all the innovative products they are making here. Equipment they make here not only is shipped to places around the country but world-wide as well,” Hartzler said.
Peters told Hartzler how Caterpillar has been an important part of the Boonville community.
“We are very proud to be a part of this community. We spend a lot of time working with local charities, and schools,” Peters said.
Peters told Hartzler about the recent food drive Caterpillar did for the community.

“I think the people in this area have the work ethic and common sense ideas to get this country growing. You could see the pride of all the employees who work here,” Hartzler said.
Hartzler told Peters she wants to be supportive of policies that help Caterpillar and other companies grow.
“One thing we talked about is tax reform. I am currently sponsoring a bill, which would lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent to keep the United State competitive, so we could increase our trade with other countries around the world,” Hartzler said.
Hartzler also outlined other bills, which would help businesses such as Caterpillar.
“The main thing we are trying to do in D.C. right now is to get a farm bill passed and balance the budget, which would be very helpful to provide some certainty. Also, we need to address healthcare reform as well,” Hartzler said.
At the end of the tour Peters gave Hartzler a model of one of Caterpillar's machinery.