Experts from Google, Oracle, and Red Hat have joined the "tech surge" to fix, the dysfunctional federal health insurance website, according to multiple reports. 

CNBC, Fox News, and Reuters, each citing an official, reported the news. The help comes as the Obama administration scrambles to fix, a key part of the Affordable Care Act that has been plagued by outages since its launch on Oct. 1. 

It wasn't immediately clear the scope of the help, or those companies' officials involved in the "tech surge."

President Barack Obama announced the "tech surge" last week, and the Obama administration said it expects the web site to be fixed by the end of November. 

Jeff Zients, the official in charge of leading the surge, said on a conference call last Friday that there's a "punch list" for site improvements. Zients did not delve into specifics on that list, but he said there are "dozens of items" on it. He did say, though, that at the top of the list was ensuring that health insurers receive correct enrollment data from consumers signing up. 

Zients said last week about 90% of people can now create accounts, but only about 30% can get through the full application process.

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