Blackwater dons a sense of history

The leaves changing colors can only mean one thing, fall has arrived. To celebrate the colors, harvest and cooling temperatures, area towns are holding their annual fall festivals.  
Festivals were held over the weekend in Blackwater and Arrow Rock. A large number of people came to both towns to see the quaint 1800s charm featured in both festivals.
In Blackwater, downtown was filled with vendors selling all sorts of fall merchandise and pumpkins, along with antiques and collectibles. Downtown shops were open to take advantage of business from festival visitors.
“We are really thrilled about the weather. We have had lots of people come in. This is our highlight of the year,” Annick Streck, owner of Annick's Antiques said.
Streck said everyone was out before dawn getting everything ready.
“It's going to be great. The people have been upbeat,” Streck said.
Roaming around town were individuals dressed in period attire. At noon members of the Southfork Regulators held a skit shootout. Between the skits, individuals enjoyed culture of Native Americans.
Blackwater citizens will gather next for the Christmas festivities right after Thanksgiving.