Howard County makes drug arrests

Howard County  — Two Missouri men were arrested in Howard County on Friday for drug charges.
A search warrant was executed by the Howard County and Boone County Sheriff's Department  at 1471 County Road 433. According to a release from the Howard County Sheriff's Department the Missouri Highway Patrol S.W.A.T. Unite was used to gain entry to the residence. ONce entry was gained, the Howard and Boone COunty Sheriff's Departments took over.
Two male occupents were taken into custody and transported to the Howard County Fail on drug charges. Sonnie Stephens, 40, of Hannibal is facing a felony of posession of a controlled substance and MIchael Malone, 44, of Rocheport is facing a felony charge of distribution and possession of a controlled substance. In addition, Jerry Malone, a third individiual was arrested on an outstanding warrant as well.