Just one day before his own show's series finale, "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul made a surprise appearance during the "Saturday Night Live" cold open.

Appearing as his "BB" character, Jesse Pinkman, Paul tried to help “President Obama” (played by Jay Pharoah) sell the Affordable Care Act with a story about his “friend” who was forced to sell meth after getting cancer.

"He did what any of us would have done," Paul, playing an "average American," tells the crowd. "He started cooking meth. And soon it wasn't just meth, it was murder. And not regular murder, he blew half a guy's face off."

Obama wasn't pleased and ushers him off stage.

"Wait, you don't want to know what happened to my friend?" Paul pleads, to which the crowd shouts "no!" to avoid any spoiler's before tonight's much-hyped episode.

Watch below (Paul appears 4:39):

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