Harvest house re-opens Sunday

The Harvest House will open on Sunday with Rick and Joanie George as the home's new facilitators. The George's feel very blessed in their new position, a position they contribute to God.
While the House has been closed for renovations all summer, hard work has finally paid off as renovations are almost complete.
The George's moved to Boonville from Jefferson City to take the position. They plan to use their Christian faith to help feed and house individuals who currently have no home. While they will be helping individuals get on their feet, the George's know what it feels to have no home. They were in the same position as many individuals who will use the Harvest House after they lost everything in a one month period.
"We did not know what to do. A guy who was moving our furniture out said there was a shelter in Jefferson City. We went there. It's a hard thing to realize that you are homeless, which is a horrific feeling," Joanie George said.
They did not know at that time, but they feel that experience helped them prepare for this current mission in their life.
Rick George said the they plan to operate the home, just like a home, with rules and chores.
"This is home. These individuals are not numbers, they are people," he said.
The George's feel each person needs loving care and they plan to instill confidence in each individual.
"Our number one thing to operate a shelter is care. You have to care about the people and what you do," Joanie George said.
She added compassion is needed as well.
"You have to give them some self worth like they are somebody. They may be down on their luck but it is our duty to assist them to get housing and a job," Rick George said.
A 120-day program will assist individuals as they get back on their feet. A savings account, just like before will be offered to individuals who have jobs. This could assist in helping an individual make a down payment on an apartment.
Community support has been never ending, according to the George's.
"We have realized how much the community is involved in this house. It is unbelievable," Rick George said. "We had about 30 people here yesterday working to get things completed."
"We had businesses come in and tell us they were going to donate. These people really care," Joanie George said. "I have never met so many people who have come together as if a disaster had just happened."
They said it's a new beginning for the house.