Litigation ongoing between City and Schlotzhauers

A lawsuit between the City of Boonville and Larry and Warren Schlotzhauer is still in litigation. The Schlotzhauer's were granted the ability to purchase the property located between Spring and Morgan Streets after filing a lawsuit against the City of Boonville regarding the Boonville City Council's decision not to allow them to develop the area with four duplexes. The council reversed their decision and granted the Schlotzhauers the ability to proceed with their plans on contingencies. These contingencies included a better waste water run-off plan and widening of the alley.  
"We have no specifications on what they want. We cannot get an estimate cost without something to say what they want," Schlotzhauer said. "I want the drainage right as well."
Louis Leonatti, attorney for the city, said they had communicated what is needed for the permits. He added he would be happy to answer any questions the Schlotzhauers had.
Since a permit cannot be issued yet, work is at a standstill. Schlotzhauer said the plan is to finish one building at a time, starting with the church building, which will be converted into a duplex. He said the plan was to begin work last fall and progress through the winter, but the lawsuit stalled progress. He feels he should be able to get a permit just on the church building.
The Schlotzhauers will hire local workers to begin the remodeling and construction once a permit is granted. They feel it is vital to hire local workers to do the job because it helps the local economy. Schlotzhauer said the county will collect property taxes for the first time since the property is no longer zoned as a church.
Schlotzhauer said the two planned duplexes will be the last part of the project. He wants to fill the current building with tenants before constructing more buildings.