New Business Q & A

Q: Who are the owners of the business?
A: Mitch and Jackie Leonard.

Q: When did you open?
A: April 2013

Q: Why did your choose now?
A: Honestly, this is an evolution of my husband's desire for a "hobby"...he just tricked me into helping.

Q: What sets your business apart from the others?
A:  Our mix of old and up-cycled "new", plus we don't just sell but also buy from our customers.

Q: Where are you from?
A: We are local; we live north of New Franklin, our real estate office, Central Realty, is located in Boonville and our kids go to SS Peter and Paul.

Q: What is your background and how does it relate?
A:  My husband has always enjoyed sales and I have always been "right-brained"...loving to create.

Q: What activities do we enjoy?
A: Our kids and whatever activity or sport they are into. Mitch likes history and I like photography.

Q: How are things going so far?
A: Good - we really enjoy being downtown. Also, it's fun seeing which pieces people are attracted to; since everything we have is one-of-a-kind and our selection is so varied it is cool seeing what treasure a person will discover to take home.

Q: Do you have future plans?
A: For us, it's God's will and one day at a time.