Walk Across Missouri to come through Boonville

The Walk follows the Katy Trail from west to east. Stops include Sedalia, Boonville, Rocheport, Hartsburg, Jefferson City, Steedman, Marthasville, McKittrick, St. Clair, Augusta, Washington and Weldon Springs. Mark Nowine will host school assemblies, attend civic organizations’ meetings, present to college classes and conduct individual and/or group interviews collecting stories of those who have experienced issues surrounding mental health and bullying.
Norwine spent 34 years struggling with bi-polar disorder believing he suffered from depression and wasn’t properly medicated until two years ago following a long manic climb and eventual emotional crash. While in a local hospital, he realized how lucky he was to have a great support system and how many people suffer in silence because they lack that support.
“In order to shrink the suicide rate and persuade the affected to seek treatment for illnesses beyond their control, we have to start having meaningful conversations that create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding of these issues,” Norwine said. “The walk will be cathartic, in a sense, as it represents a new beginning for me, personally. Without treatment and such meaningful work at CHADS, my life would have turned out very differently. I just want to make it clear to others that they can have similar outcomes if they will somehow seek help.”
Norwine invites supporters to walk any portion of his 15-day journey with him or to financially support his efforts. For more details on the Walk’s schedule, how to walk with Mark or to support the Walk, visit CHADS’ website and click on Walk Across Missouri.