Hannah Cole students learn about cancer prevention

Since January, students at Hannah Cole Primary have raised $3,400 dollars for the American Cancer Society. As part of their celebration, a 'Relay Recess' was held at the Boonville High School track for HCP Students on Thursday morning.
Event coordinator Jessica Ellison said this event is the American Cancer Societies'  smaller version of its much larger Relay for Life.
"We do a mini version for the kids and school and teach them about different aspects of health. There are sections that teach about physical awareness, sun safety, tobacco awareness and nutrition," Ellison said
The event put these ideas in activities, which taught the children how to implement them in their lives. The children got to run the track, jump in a bounce house and enjoy other events on the Boonville Pirate Football Field as well.
Ellison said the idea was to get children to start learning new ideas on taking care of themselves while trying to promote the idea that in most cases cancer can be prevented.
"You may never always be cancer free, but at least you did these few steps to help,"   Ellison said.
Ellison said this event was only possible because of the all the parents and volunteers involved. She said there was an immense amount of help in preparing and setting everything up.
"It's a play day with a purpose," Ellison said.