Residnets urged to keep city clean

Since the Pick-Up Boonville event, local resident Joan Read said the hard part is keeping the city clean at all times.
"We have made so much progress but our work is never done.  It’s frustrating when new litter appears.  Major corridors in and around town are particularly challenging.  We are fortunate to have several Adopt a Spot teams pick up roadways in and around Boonville three times a year," Read said.
Residents of Unlimited Opportunities have joined the effort of picking up trash along the Katy Trail once a month.
Read said she has seen more people picking up trash in the last couple years.
"Hopefully, with time, not littering will be the norm for our community.  We’ll need to continue to spread the word," Read said.
Read said recycling is a major component in keeping the area and landfills from not overflowing with trash.
"Last year Boonslick Industries diverted 2.4 million pounds from trash containers.  Recycling reduces litter, conserves our natural resources, saves space in our landfills, creates jobs and saves money," she said