Warm Springs Ranch holds spring opening

A cool but sunny day did not deter visitors and media from touring Budweiser's Warm Springs Ranch located in eastern Cooper County near the Overton-Wooldridge exit on Monday. This marks the third year the ranch has been open for tours since it opened in 2008.
Warm Springs Ranch may best be known now for being the main location for a Super Bowl commercial this year. 'Hope' is the name of the new born (foal) Clydesdale who was featured in the commercial, of whom still resides at the ranch. According to a release from the ranch, 35 new foals are expected in 2013. The ranch also houses more than 100 Clydesdales.
In 2012 the ranch had 16,252 people tour the facility, which was up more than 36 percent from the previous year. Children like Natalie and Lexy Hirsch, said the love of horses has brought them out to the ranch.
"It is nice that we know they are being taken care of," Hirsch said.
They were excited they were going to see the foals as well.
The tour last for almost an hour after an introduction in the breeding part of the facility. While exiting through the back of the facility, the Clydesdales can be seen grazing on the 300 acre farm. Among items seen on the tour include the vehicles the Clydesdales are transported in and one of the original wagons used after prohibition ended. Clydesdale history is also told to get visitors acquainted with the importance of the horses.
According to Budweiser, the ranch is one of the premiere Clydesdales breeding facilities of the world.