Advertising has changed. Make sure your business is keeping up with that change.

Advertising just doesn't work like it has in the past. It won't ever work that way again. The days of Mad Men smoking and drinking in the office and making tons of money for messing around with client's money isn't a model that was sustainable in the first place.

National car manufacturers have dramatically pulled back from traditional advertising. Others national companies are following suit. That's why today you see plumbers and painters advertising on television when in the past it was unaffordable to them. Stations are scrambling to make up for those lost dollars.

What IS working is a more personal approach that can be tracked. Businesses are moving toward social networking and developing one-on-one relationships with customers. Customers are wanting and getting more control than ever before. They are demanding to be listened to - and a business that doesn't do that is bound to fail.

But it's easier than ever to succeed. Look at the tools that are available to us to reach out and connect with customers. There is an amazing selection. You may think social networking is a passing fad, but I assure you it isn't. Dive in, figure it out and find out what works best for your customers. Then use those tools to help your business grow.

The best thing is that with new media, you'll find results can be monitored. You'll know that most of your customers visit your website on Thursday, and that they respond best through FaceBook. So when you start a sale, Thursday announcements on FaceBook is a great way to start. This is just an example - each business will be different.

So take a look at social networking, Internet advertising and other new media options. By keeping up with advertising trends, your business will grow and prosper.