Supporting local businesses so they can support our community.

This weekend is the Sts. Peter and Paul Home and School Auction, which offers you an opportunity to bid on all sorts of excellent Boonville products and services. The 6th grade class has put together a “Best of Boonville” basket which includes some fantastic items! It includes tickets to some of Boonville’s most iconic events, including the Festival of the Arts, Pedaler’s Jamboree and Warm Springs Ranch. It also includes a full assortment of gift certificates to area restaurants.

This huge array of items available at the auction Saturday is a testament to how important local businesses are to our community. Sherry and I spend a lot of time writing and talking about shopping local and this is yet another example- if we don’t support our local businesses then they can’t in turn donate their services or products to an auction, raffle, dinner, etc. which keeps our schools, sports teams, bands, food pantry, and all the other necessary social service agencies going. Having coordinated events myself, I am amazed at how quick businesses say, “of course, yes we will help."

How often do you say “of course, yes” to shopping here in Boonville? After all, this level of community support is a two way street- we need the local businesses to support clubs and activities, but we need local residents to keep their money right here with local businesses. It is our investment in their business: by buying groceries, appliances, electronics, shoes and gifts; using their medical, dental, veterinarian, accounting and legal services; and by eating in their restaurants, that enables them to say “of course, yes” when we ask them for help. Remember that before you pick up the phone and ask for a donation- ask yourself, have I contributed to this person’s business and enabled them to say yes? If the answer is no- well you may want to rethink your request, or rethink your shopping/ service choices.

I know we can’t always buy everything locally and that’s okay. The challenge I have for everyone is simply to think “of course, yes I will start my search in Boonville first.” This kind of commitment will keep all these great events, like this weekend’s auction continuing in Boonville. Look in the paper, listen to the radio, or check the Go Boonville webpage to discover the next event that you will help support our community. There are some great ones around the corner! Shop Local, Play Local, and Go Boonville!