The decision about abortion is private and complicated and should not be determined by legislators or those who want to force their religious" belief on others. Life often presents us with very difficult decisions. Maybe we need an Amendment that guarantees the right to make our own decisions.

A woman has the right to choose control of her own body and destiny.  I have witnessed lifetimes of expense and suffering of families with severely handicapped children.  I have had mothers my age tell me they wished they had had an abortion 40-50 years ago.  I have had teenage girls in class who cried daily because they were pregnant.  I'll never forget the pretty little 10th grader whose "boyfriend" called her "slut"when she told him she was pregnant by him.  What did that make him?

 My maternal family came to Winthrop Colony in 1633 to escape the abuse and torture of "the Church."  My husband had an ancestor beheaded in Zurich in the 1600's over religion.

When a person tries to force others to live by his beliefs, disaster looms.   NO one has the right to force others to live by his/her "religious" beliefs.  As you know,Freedom of Religion is one of our rights.  If a person doesn't "believe"in abortion then don't have one----but leave other people to their own decisions and destinies.

Men have no right to make such decisions for women and girls.  Least of all men who are unmarried and supposedly celibate.  They know nothing of the scorn, expense, time, loss of education, and a life time of minimum wage jobs for a single young woman to raise a child alone.  

While some of these zealots think they are saving babies, do they not see they are condemning the females and the future babies to lives ofpoverty and all kinds of social problems?

I will always remember the screams that came from the delivery room next to the one where I was giving birth to our older son in Miles City.  It sounded like a torture chamber.  I said to the nun/nurse with me,"The lady next door must be having a hard time."   The nun spun around and her habit flapped like a gust of snow.  "That's no lady!  She is fourteen years old."

We do not know the circumstances of that girl's pregnancy.  Rape?  Incest?  Did that nun forget what Jesus said when a group of men were eager to stone the adulteress?  

Adultery is not a solitary crime.  Where was the partner in sin?  We do not know who was the sinner in this conception.

No one came to be with that terrified child in the delivery room.  The nun was judgmental, not compassionate.  I do not know who impregnated that girl, but I know she was suffering.  Some of these people are trying to force births even in the case of rape or incest.  They posture and pose as Holier Than Thou.  I suggest they are not religious nor interested in saving babies, but more interested in punishing and grandstanding.

 The next morning after our son was born, I was sitting in the sun room, when I heard sniffling behind me.  I turned to see who was crying, and the first thing I saw was fuzzy, pink bunny slippers.  Slippers a child would wear.  And NO one came to comfort that young girl.

 Who impregnated her?  What were the circumstances?  Did he pay a price having sex?  Was anyone eager to stone him?  

 An Irony---too often those who wish to force women to give birth, to impose their will/beliefs on women they do not know, are the same people who complain about big government, government intrusion, regulations, costs of welfare and health care.  Today's Journal reports The House Education Committee voted NO to providing milk to low income primary students.  And they love children?  Can they not connect the dots?

 No one is "pro-abortion."  It is an ugly business.  But in some circumstances, so is child birth.  So is living in poverty.  Gandhi said "Povery is the greatest violence."   Think of the responsibility and expense of takingcare of a severely damaged child for 50 years!  Statistics show that being pregant is often the cause of abuse by a partner!  And how many girls have been so desparate that they tried to induce abortion themselves, or more tragic, committed suicide?  

 Since Moses there as been a commandment "Thou Shalt not commit Adutery." Surely Moses is more significant than a mere ND legislator, but has his message stopped Adultery?

 Chaucer wrote Canterbury Tales in the mid -1300's.  In it the Wyfe of Bath tells a tale of a knight who raped a girl and was sent to seek the answer to "What do women want?"  The answer is "Sovereignty."  Nothing has changed in 700 years!