Go ahead---smack her! If she is a Native American Woman, an undocumented immigrant woman, or LBGT, it is currently open season on women.

The Violence Against Women Act failed in the US Congress.  A majority of Republicans voted against the act because it would have protected Native American Women, undocumented immigrant women and LGBT women.  

But, the bill will come aounf again, giving the elected officials a chance to rethink their positions and to vote again when it is reintroduced.

Isn't Violence against ANYONE still Violence?  Stop playing political games with people's lives.

I think the VAWA should be expanded to protect men, as well as women, bu that is not part of the current bill.  Yes, there are women who are violent to their partners, whether those partners are male or female.  Violence against another person, or an animal, should not be tolerated.  Cruelty should not be accepted as "our culture."  

Right now,Republicans John Boehner and Eric Cantor, Republicans in the US House of Representatives, are working to prevent the passing of this bill.  Kevin Cramer was elected to represent North Dakota.  Contact him.  Demand he do what is moral, not obey the party leaders.

Hitting a woman or an elderly or handicapped person, beating a child or animal, is not a sign of "a real man."  Real Men protect and provide for the weak.  Violence to the weak is a sign of mental illness, instability, inabiltiy to self-control, ignorance, and even psychopathology.  

What does the refusal to pass laws to protect say about the people elected to reperesent us?