Hannah Cole hosts Immerse Dimension Theater

Throughout Thursday morning and afternoon, students of Hannah Cole Primary got to travel back in time to the prehistoric ages and fly through the galaxy by taking a rocket ship to space. For the first half of the day, students "boarded" the spaceship and traveled throughout the galaxy. Speaking about her rocket ride, first grader Elly Giroux said, "I got to see the moon and land on all the different planets! We learned that outer space is a very dangerous place and our rocket also crash landed on the moon and it made you feel like you were really there!"
Along board with Giroux, first grader Adam Vandyke said,"It was really cool because it was 3D without any glasses; everything just seemed to be floating around you! I wish I could watch a different one every night!"
Roger Bouwman of Immerse Dimension Theater said he loves traveling around the country and exposing children to new experiences they could not find any where else."My favorite thing about the show is watching the children's reactions while learning in a fun environment. It's much easier to drag me to the school rather than to have to ship all the students to a planetarium and it saves them a lot of money," he said.
The "Dome Theater" features a total of 18 different shows teaching the children about space and earth sciences. Many family members jumped on board with their children after school to see what all the excitement was about.
Second grader Molly Schuster brought along her two younger sisters and her grandma. "I knew that we weren't really moving, but the rocket made it look like we really were. It was really cool when we went to the moon," Schuster said.
This dome was one of seven that travels around the country and Bouwman has been traveling with Immerse Dimension Theater since last October. He hopes to continue his journey for many more years teaching children about science in a entertaining and unique way.