Local missing person 'cold case' solved

It has been 26 years since Elbert Charles Embry was last seen alive. After years of waiting it was solved by a DNA test that brought closure to a family who had wondered what had happened to a missing loved one.
Embry at that time was a resident of the Riverheights Retirement Center in Boonville. According to a release from the family, Embry was seen pacing back and forth that very night and around 4:20 a.m. had gone missing. On March 29, 1985 a missing person report was filed with the Boonville Police Department.
Lt. Marlene Hohensee of the Boonville Police Department stated a search of the surrounding area was done. She stated at the time he could not be found and was therefore entered into the nationwide database as a missing person.
In April of 1986 skeleton remains were found in rural Franklin County along the banks of the Missouri River. The Franklin County Sheriff's Department kept the remains in a secure location until recently.
"In June of last year, I received a phone call requesting DNA be obtained from a family member of Elbert Embry and forwarded to the St. Louis Medical Examiner's Office," Hohensee stated.
The remains were tested. The Medical Examiner ruled this January remains that had been brought to them by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office were Elbert Embry.
"It was learned through Major Copeland at the Franklin County Sheriff's Department that children had found the skeletal remains of a human body on the bank of the Missouri River on April 18, 1986. Major Copeland stated that the remains were found approximately seventy feet from the existing water edge," Hoensee stated. "Upon checking further, Major Copeland learned that the water height was last at the location of the remains during mid-November, 1985. Major Copeland stated that they did a thorough search of the river bank and additional bones were found."
Gravside services have been planned for 2 p.m., Saturday, February 16 at Walnut Grove Cemetery. Arrangements are under the direction of Davis Funeral Chapel.
The family, the release, expressed gratitude towards both the Boonville Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff's Office for their dedication to the case.