The January 31 episode of CBS' The Big Bang Theory (People's Choice winner for Favorite Network TV Comedy) finds Penny asking virginal Sheldon (Jim Parsons) the million-dollar question: Would he ever consider having sex with Amy (Mayim Bialik)? "And he doesn't rule it out," Parsons says, "which gives me encouragement that we might be going there." The couple's big event won't happen on Valentine's Day, but that episode will feature some sweet Amy/Sheldon moments, while Leonard and Penny's relationship will hit another snag.

On Castle's Valentine's Day episode, "Castle picks out a wonderful gift for Kate" but it accidentally ends up in someone else's hands, says Nathan Fillion, who collected a trophy for Favorite TV Dramatic Actor (the show also won Favorite TV Crime Drama). "Things get very awkward and sticky, but ultimately fans should find it romantic." As for the other couples on the ABC show, Detective Ryan finally reveals to his coworkers the reason he's been late to work: He's been trying to impregnate his ovulating wife. And fans of Esposito and Lanie will be happy to hear that, according to Jon Huertas, who plays Esposito, the cop "speaks a little French to her." It's no mystery why they call it the language of love.

The CW's Beauty & the Beast (Favorite New TV Drama) gets deadly serious next month when Vincent saves Catherine's sister, Heather, by killing someone close to one of the characters. "Vincent knows he has made the biggest ­mistake of his life," says star Jay Ryan. "This will change the entire course of the show." Costar Kristin Kreuk advises fans to grab Kleenex.

Parenthood's Monica Potter and Peter Krause (Kristina and Adam) are going on location just a week before the NBC drama's January 22 season finale to shoot a last-minute scene that will bring closure to the Kristina cancer story. "At the very end, we're on a beach," Potter says. "But don't worry - it's not like [the 1988 tearjerker] Beaches."

A flashback-heavy February episode of The CW's Arrow (Favorite New TV Drama nominee) will find Oliver (Stephen Amell) near death and recalling his island past. This time, Amell says, the story will show "a way off the island and ­reveal more about the man in the Deathstroke mask and why his mask looks the way it does."

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